Damages and compensation

The litigation section of our law firm (click here) handles compensation claims. Our law office provides services involving the preparation of litigation – collection and selection of evidence, out-of-court negotiations, demands for payment well as representation of our clients before courts and administrative bodies.

We are experienced in numerous types of compensation claims. For instance we can assist clients in the following types of claims:

1) compensation claims regarding personal injuries, harm to health;
2) compensation claims against travel agencies;
3) compensation claims regarding traffic accidents;
4) compensation claims regarding wrongful actions on the part of administrative bodies – e.g. expropriation (click here), erroneous administrative decisions;
5) compensation claims of former owners of real estate in Warsaw forfeited under the so-called Warsaw Decree (click here to learn more);
6) compensation for the violation of personal rights.

Because we also deal with defence in the claims mentioned above, our perspective is comprehensive and in-depth. Our task is a thorough verification of the actual status, including discovering all persons that may be involved, in order to determine the legal possibility to include or exclude the scope and kind of liability. In court, we argue the grounds for liability and question the claimed amount by preparing a comprehensive analysis of the evidence proceedings, including expert opinions.

Gabriela Waraszkiewicz, attorney-at-law
Contact details: gwaraszkiewicz@zdanowiczlegal.pl

Paulina Adamczyk, attorney-at-law
Contact details: padamczyk@zdanowiczlegal.pl