Legal assistance in clients’ private affairs

We believe that it is necessary to ensure comprehensive services for our clients. Therefore, we extend our offer to include advisory and legal assistance on private affairs, including estate management, family and succession affairs.

To assist clients on matters relating to their estate, the range of our services may in particular cover:

1) analysing and reporting on the status of the client’s estate;
2) handling private banking and financial transactions;
3) ensuring ongoing or on-demand assistance of a tax adviser;
4) storing and securing selected documents pertaining to the client’s property such as last will and testament;
5) representing and providing legal assistance in cases of division of joint property of spouses and division of inheritance estate;
6) legal assistance in investments.

We also handle divorce, inheritance, child support and children-related cases (custody, contacts with a child etc.)

The services provided by our law firm are available separately on an ad hoc basis or under a customized and agreed package of legal assistance for clients and their families.

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