Our team offers litigation services in any kinds of court proceedings, weather before commercial, civil or administrative courts.

Given the particular circumstances of each case, we present to our clients the strategy for litigation in a manner that is adjusted to ensure the pursued claims and to be in line with the evidence of the case.

The requirements of the current procedures applicable to individual proceedings cover an evidence preclusion, which involves a comprehensive and thorough concept for the case and filling any evidence that confirm the pursued claims in a timely manner. It is therefore essential to ensure close cooperation with a client who has the in-dept knowledge about the facts of the case, as it affects the final decision in the proceedings.

On behalf of our clients, legal counsels and attorneys of our law firm, conduct mediations and participate in proceedings before arbitration tribunals. Our legal assistance is provided before courts of any instance, including the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court and Voivodeship Administrative Courts.

Examples of our recent successful litigations include the following:

1) Lawsuits against tenants of large format stores for default payments for utilities, rent and contractual penalties resulting from an earlier termination of lease;
2) lawsuits for the payment of interests on delayed payment to suppliers, claims for the payment of invoices for goods and services;
3) compensation claims under torts – relating to accidents in generally accessible facilities;
4) beneficiaries claims regarding the division and reserved portion of inheritance;
5) cases under tenancy law relating to the eviction claims by made local government bodies against public housing tenants.

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