Services for large format stores and retail chains

For many years our law firm has provided legal services to one of the most recognisable international retail chains in Poland. We act for our clients, both in business litigations with suppliers and tenants as well as in those relating to consumer claims. We litigate cases relating to payment for goods, contractual penalties and so-called shelf fees, as well as in claims against tenants and former tenants of commercial premises (click here). In the area of lawsuits, we offer our services in both, consumer sale lawsuits and damages for accidents taking place in stores.

Additionally, we provide services related to preparation and negotiation of contracts for large format stores in Polish and English, terms and conditions of promotional sales and loyalty programmes, legal procedures for chains, employees and suppliers.

Our services may also include training on selected aspects of the retail chain activities (click here).

Gabriela Waraszkiewicz, attorney-at-law
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Paulina Adamczyk, attorney-at-law
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